Dr. Michael Fabricant


Michael Fabricant is a Professor at the Hunter College School of Social Work and Executive Officer of the Ph.D. Program in Social Welfare.  He has published on the political economy of the welfare state, homelessness, settlement houses, community organizing, the fiscal crisis of non-profit agencies and public education policy.  For the past six years he has been a principal officer of the Professional Staff Congress of the City University of New York, a union of 22,000 faculty and staff. 

Equally important, he has been a community leader and advocate on questions of housing and homelessness.  Dr. Fabricant has founded four non-profits in the state of New Jersey and served on their boards.  For ten years he was a board member and principal officer of the National Coalition for the Homeless.  He is currently the President of the Board of Directors for the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless. The Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless has offered advocacy, housing/sheltering and children services to thousands of citizens each year.  Since its founding in 1981 the Coalition has helped to organize churches, service providers and homeless people to create legal, legislative and service relief for the expansive and painful problems of homelessness.

He is the author of eight books and numerous articles. His most recent books include, Settlement Houses Under Siege: The Struggle to Sustain Community Organizations in New York City (Columbia University Press, 2002) and Organizing for Educational Justice: The Campaign for School Reform in the South Bronx (University of Minnesota Press, 2010). Charter Schools and the Corporate Makeover of Public Education (Teachers College Press, 2012) and The Changing Politics of Education: Privatization and the Dispossessed Lives Left Behind have been coauthored with Michelle Fine (Paradigm Publishers, 2013)

Mike has been a faculty member at Hunter College for thirty years. He has authored numerous articles and eight books. His most recent writing explores both the threat of charter schooling and the role of organizing in redressing inequitable public education investment across race and class divides.

About Dr. Michael Fabricant

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